What foods can help you stay hydrated?

What foods can help you stay hydrated?

Think hydration — and you probably think water, the body’s essential fluid. But did you know you can eat your H2O too?


That’s when you choose foods that are high in water content.


For example, some varieties of fruit and veggies are more than 85 percent water. On hot days, these foods — along with other fluids — can help you stay hydrated. And there’s a bonus: Water-rich fruits and veggies can also help replace key minerals (electrolytes) — which your body sheds when you sweat.


Enjoy a thirst-quenching menu
When the temperature rises, make a splash in your daily diet with these tasty ideas:


Super snacks – Watermelon, oranges, tomatoes, cantaloupe, berries, celery and cucumbers are all flush with fluid. These water-rich foods make great low-calorie snacks!


Berry-delicious smoothies – Add berries (fresh or frozen) to low-fat or fat-free yogurt or milk in a blender to make a delicious and nutrient rich smoothie.


Summer salsas – These can be made from vegetables, fruits or a combination of both. Enjoy your favorite variety as a snack — dip into it with cut-up veggies or whole-grain pita chips. Or top grilled fish or chicken with it. Have a sweet tooth? Give orange, pineapple or mango salsa a try.


Chilled soups – You can serve these as a light meal — or as an appetizer or dessert. Here are three cool and

  • Gazpacho. A summertime favorite that’s typically rich in tomatoes, cucumber, onion, bell pepper and garlic
  • Vichyssoise. This creamy French classic is made with pureed potatoes and leeks. To keep it on the healthful side, use low-sodium chicken broth.

Frozen nibbles – Freeze grapes or berries. Grab them for a quick and cold snack.


Perhaps you’re wondering, “How much water do I need?” Maybe you’ve heard it should be eight glasses a day.


Actually, there’s no set amount that’s right for everyone. Staying hydrated is important, though. So carry a refillable water bottle with you — and sip from it throughout the day. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty.


Bored with the same old water supply? Give it a twist with a wedge of lemon or lime — or a splash of 100 percent fruit juice. Be sure to wash your water bottle daily.