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Dr. Achekian helps countless patients with her proven methods and graceful touch.

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[jed_testimonial author=” Samuel W.”]

I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure more than a decade ago. Since then I have had a couple of heart attacks, stents put in twice and countless medications prescribed. I started seeing Sophie about 3 years ago because my doctors told me that they cannot do anything for the pain I have been experiencing in my legs. I get weekly acupuncture treatments that have helped me tremendously….Dr. Achekian is patient and helpful and explains everything very thoroughly. I question everything and she addresses whatever concerns I bring up. I feel very cared for under her care.

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[jed_testimonial author=”Anna B.” ]

Let me just start by saying that before I started seeing Dr. Sophie I was the biggest skeptic when it came to acupuncture… I came to get acupuncture out of desperation as a last resort for my headaches. As far as I can remember I have suffered from debilitating migraines at least 2-3 times a month. Dr. Sophie does cupping on my upper back that helps relax my neck and shoulder muscles. Cold laser therapy immediately reduces the pain I feel. We have also reevaluated my diet which has made a huge difference because she was able to figure out some of my food sensitivities that would trigger my headaches…She doesn’t just treat the symptom. She treats, as she puts it “the branches as well as the roots of the problem.” I definitely recommend it to anyone who has headaches.

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[jed_testimonial author=”Annie J.”]

I started seeing Sophie because of postpartum depression. It was 2 months after my son was born, and it was the most debilitating and irrational feeling I had ever felt. A friend had recommended me to go see her because she had helped my friend with anxiety and depression not associated with child birth. Sophie is very knowledgeable and professional. And what a difference she has made in my life! She assured me that these feelings are normal and nothing to be ashamed of or guilty about. Her treatments include acupuncture…, acupressure or trigger point release and aromatherapy going on which automatically puts you in a more relaxed mood… If you have not given acupuncture a try, try it! It’s awesome! Sophie is great and with her as my acupuncturist I feel an extra layer of protection around me.

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